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Inspirational author Anam Cara CatAnam Cara means soul-friend, and in the spirit of kinship, 20% of proceeds are shared with non-profit initiatives worldwide. 

My “How to Be a Fairy” inspirational poster  is available on Etsy. Find the quick link here on “Cat’s Creations” page.

This labor of love is currently supporting Bunbury English Study Group in Bali, Indonesia until we reach the goal of donating 1000 US dollars, which is the equivalent of nearly ten million rupiah. To date, $800 has been donated.

Bunbury is a non-profit language school located in Singaraja, the Northern region of Bali. I met Tory, the school’s founder, when my daughter and I were in Indonesia the summer of 2011. He created the school in 2002 to help the impoverished people of his village learn the English language, which for many is their only hope of creating a better life for themselves and their families. 

While caring for his own wife and children, Tory teaches in a government school during the day and teaches free English lessons Monday through Saturday in his private school in the late afternoons. He teaches children and adults, all of whom will have considerably greater opportunities having learned to speak the English language. Many of his former students have since been able to secure good paying jobs in the service industry, working in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.

By Western definition, the majority of Balinese live in extreme poverty. Learning English affords them a quality of life they and their families would otherwise never know. 
Funds donated will be used for supplies in the form of books, writing materials, furniture, building materials for the upkeep of the building and grounds and uniforms. 

Your support is greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

Ever your anam cara,


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