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Birdseed: A Guide to Teaching Emotional Intelligence in the Primary & Secondary Classroom

Daily Activity to Foster Social-Emotional Development & Personal Growth

Birdseed A Guide to Teaching Emotional Intelligence


Endorsed by New York Times best-selling author Shawn Achor, by The Colorado Department of Education, & by psychologists, teachers, and students worldwide:
Birdseed is more than a collection of extraordinary quotes and journal prompts. It’s a tool that guides teachers towards transforming the classroom atmosphere and engaging students in an authentic learning process. The brilliant activity shared in this book addresses the social-emotional domain, which allows for a balanced approach to education and genuinely prepares students for success within and well beyond the classroom. Author and veteran teacher Anam Cara Cat understands the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement and offers an innovative strategy to educate, empower, and inspire today’s youth.

The daily activity shared in this book offers a wealth of benefits:
* Smooth transitions into class
* Daily structure
* Strengthens socials skills & fosters character development
* Orients students’ minds for joy and success
* Establishes lines of communication between teacher and students
* Creates a safe and welcoming environment for students
* Strengthens sense of community within the classroom
* Promotes critical thinking and self-awareness
* Encourages reluctant writers
* Ideal for primary, middle, and high school settings

Share the magic of Birdseed in your classroom and feed your students’ souls as well as their minds

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Daily Fortune Cover

100 original inspirational and reprintable quotes to use in the secondary classroom. You’ll receive an instant PDF to download and reprint as often as you’d like!

As a high school teacher, I’ve always known the key to a harmonious and productive classroom environment has everything to do with the quality of my relationships with my students. Ultimately, their success is largely dependent on the connection I cultivate with them. I’ve recognized an opportunity to use these fortunes to plant seeds of hope while getting to know my students better and fostering their self-awareness and growth. There are multiple ways to use these fortunes in the classroom, which I’ll share in the PDF, and endless benefits for everyone involved. The fortunes are all positive in nature and speak to the power of optimism, gratitude, and perseverance.

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“How to Be a Fairy”

Inspirational Poster How to Be a Fairy Poster by Anam Cara Cat

This enchantingly beautiful work of art will be treasured by fairy lovers of every age. Thirty whimsical, inspirational quotes speak to the power of awareness, love, creativity, and magic.

A unique and timeless gift for adults and children alike. 

Poster Measures 24 x 36 or 12 x 18



Anam Cara Cat donates 20% of proceeds to charities worldwide ~ Currently sponsoring Bunbury English School in Bali, Indonesia

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This One’s for the Dreamers…

12 x 18 Inspirational Poster

Dreamer Forest Poster EtsyAvailable now on Etsy

This original poem is from my “Soul Seeds” collection:

“Dreamers by night
are dreamers by day
with so much to do
and so much to say
with imaginations enormous
and hearts of pure gold
they never find boredom
and they never grow old
they are artists of life
who treasure each day
and celebrate magic
with laughter and play”

Everything begins with a dream…

ABC Wonders From Around the World

by Anam Cara CatABC wonders book

ABC Wonders from Around the World does more than introduce your child to the alphabet. This unique picture book introduces your child to the world. Picture books shouldn’t be painful for parents, and teaching your toddler the ABCs can be an adventure for you both! Sure, B is for boy and C is for cat, but wouldn’t you rather see the Bridges of Florence and the Castles in England? These fabulous snapshots, taken during my travels from 2011-2014, include photos from England, Indonesia, Turkey, Italy, and the USA.
Together, you and your little one will visit three continents and five countries, soaking in the scenery from the Tower Bridge in London, through the Monkey Forest in Bali, to the magical shores of Maui. Take a quick trip with your imagination, and teach your children more than mere letters…Teach them to dream and wonder about this amazing planet we call home.

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Manifest Magic 

Photography by Anam Cara Cat

dragonfly sunflower

Blue-Donner Dragonfly & Sunflower on 18 X 24 Gallery Wrap Canvas

Together, these two elements of nature forge an enchanting alchemy, symbolizing transcendence and infinite possibility.

The dragonfly, inherently mystical in nature, symbolizes fortune, transformation, and the ability to see beyond self-imposed illusions. This Blue-Donner serves as a reminder that transformation can only take place when one is willing to let go of limiting beliefs and see past the illusions that blind us to the magic and possibilities that exist.
~ ~ ~
The sunflower embodies the energy and warmth of the sun and symbolizes enlightenment, happiness, and growth. Again, in order to experience all that life has to offer, one has to be willing to evolve, to progress in mind, body, and spirit and leave behind defeating beliefs and behaviors that drain life of its infinite possibilities.

Image Copyrighted 2015 by Anam Cara Cat

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